Comedy Sportz Show

Come and enjoy a fun evening with Saratoga High School's very own Comedy Sportz improve team! A ComedySportz® match features two teams of players competing for laughs and points, with a referee to keep play honest! An average of five to seven games are played during a match, drawn from a repertoire of over a hundred improv games. In "Forward/Reverse" the referee sends the scene back and forth at will, as though scanning a scene in a DVD, sending the “actletes” into a frenzy. Every show is different, with different players, different games, and different audiences supplying new suggestions. The fans judge the scenes and games and ultimately decide the winners and losers.  For the 2023-2024 season, we are introducing Funnygrams - where the audience gets to participate even more in the fun - and challenge our team's improv skills to the fullest!

Tickets sold at the door. Cash only please!