In the style of the wildly popular “The Play that Goes Wrong”, this production follows a company of actors attempting to perform 7 different shows at once and everything starts to fall apart when doing so. The conceit of “ZAP!” is that audiences have a remote control to click when they are bored and ready to watch something else. When enough people have clicked their button the lights go out and “ZAP!” we are in a new play. When this starts happening too fast and too often, mistakes begin to occur and the laughs get louder. 

We hope you will join us for one of our four "send off" performances this February in the Thermond Drama Center before we take the show to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Festival Fringe, the largest International Arts Festival in the world. The Fringe is the third largest ticketed event in the world behind the Olympics and the World Cup. The Cast and Crew are incredibly excited to bring this show to our supportive community here in Saratoga!